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Product News What’s New on Tonal December 2019

Introducing: Tonal Yoga

Tonal Yoga, a new style of guided workouts designed to help you build strength and enhance recovery in the convenience of your home. Read more.

New Workouts and Programs

Mind and Muscle

49 Minutes with Jared 
This intense upper body workout challenges the muscles and the mind. Push yourself through three sweaty blocks with Coach Jared, visualizing your physical movements to create more energy as you reach your goals. 

Perform A Pushup

4 Week Program With Coach Natalie
Even beginners can perfect the pushup. Coach Natalie will help you train the correct muscles and build the foundation, so you can add pushups to your routine. Master a new movement and improve as an athlete. Push your workouts in the right direction.

Better Bench

4 Week Program With Coach Pablo
Press to impress. This traditional program focuses on perfecting a tried-and-true movement: the bench press. Practice every day, and become an expert in pressing exercises. There’s even a leg day to balance things out. Get ready to make your bench mark.

Extreme Strength Challenge

4 Week Program With Coach Paul
Coach Paul’s goal is to crush you. Can you survive the test? This program challenges advanced users with heavy lifting, difficult movements, and high intensity. Lift yourself to a new level.

Head to your trainer to see many more new workouts and programs every week.

Product Updates

An iPhone screen shows a user creating their own workout on the Tonal app.

Custom Workouts

You can now build your own Custom Workouts for Tonal. Ready to create the workout of your dreams? Head to the Tonal mobile app and select the new Custom Workouts icon in the bottom right corner. Read more

The New and Improved Strength Score

It’s time to see exactly how much stronger you’re getting with Tonal. The updated Strength Score now displays your progress over time, with an improved scale that’s easier to understand. Read more

View Your Movement History

Now you can easily view your movement history and progress over time in the mobile app. Simply open the app and tap on your Profile in the upper left corner. Then, tap “Total Movements” to see a list of every movement you’ve completed along with stats, like 1 Rep Max, last performed date, 10 rep suggested weight, and total volume lifted.

Spotter Is Now On By Default

This Advanced Weight feature helps you build strength faster, so we’re turning it on by default. Just like a buddy spotting you at the gym, Spotter automatically senses when you’re struggling to complete a rep, temporarily reduces the weight to assist you, and then gives you the weight back.

Join the Community

Have you joined the Official Tonal Community on Facebook? The community is where Tonal members and coaches share their experiences, exchange advice, and offer support. Join now!