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What’s New on Tonal April 2020


Keeping you healthy is our top priority, so we’re trying new things to help you and your family find balance as you shelter in place. 

  • Tonal Yoga on YouTube: Tonal Yoga is now available for free on YouTube. If you’re spending time away from your Tonal, just head to our YouTube channel to try a variety of yoga styles, like power, recovery or beginner bites. 
  • The Daily Pause: Every day at 6pm PST a Tonal coach leads a calming activity session in the Official Tonal Community where we come together for a moment of peaceful meditation, stretching, foam rolling, or breathwork. 
  • Coaches from Home: You’ll begin to see new content from Tonal coaches in their homes, including new workouts on your trainer and new social events in the Official Tonal Community. Read more.

Coach Spotlight

Today we’re sharing the story of our amazing Coach Gabby. Watch the video and read the personal interview to learn all about her commitment to strength.

New Workouts and Programs

Quick Fit: Core Express

11 Minutes with Coach Paul
In a crunch? Crush your core workout in a single block. Perfect if you’re pressed for time or looking for a supplement to your regular Tonal workout.

Strong Finish

4 Days Per Week with Coach Liz
Build on your foundation by perfecting one movement per day. This program with Coach Liz, intended as the second part of Strong Start, builds up to a challenging movement at the end of every workout. Master them all and end with a strong finish.

Loose Hips, Better Back

33 Minutes with Coach Natalie
Studies show that increased hip mobility and glute strength can help alleviate back pain. Join Coach Natalie for a series of squats, hinges, and more that will build your lower body and work your hips from all angles.

Twice A Day: Part 1

29 minutes with Coach Nicolette
Work out morning and night with this twice-a-day program led by Coach Nicolette. In the first of two quick sessions, you’ll focus on the bench press, using this movement to train smarter and maximize your strength gains.

Head to your trainer to see even more new workouts and programs every week!

Product Updates

New Stats On Your Tonal Homescreen

Your Tonal will now greet you with your workout metrics like total number of workouts, Strength Score and total volume number directly on the home screen so that you can stay motivated.

Workout Recommendations

Now Tonal will give you recommendations for a variety of workouts that complement your training or current program.

Enhancements to Free Lift

We’ve updated Free Lift with these new features to help you learn more about your strength in real time:

  • A new movements library featuring your most recent move selections.
  • Workout metrics like duration, time under tension, total reps, and total volume displayed while you work out.
  • Range of Motion and Power graphs for each rep you complete.
  • Set summaries that help you review and compare each set.

Enable Dynamic Weight Modes For An Entire Block

Any dynamic weight modes you manually turn on will stay on for that move until that block is complete.

More Product Updates

Swipe on the weight dial to access dynamic weight modes: Now you can access dynamic weight modes by swiping to the left, or by tapping on the 3 little dots at the bottom of the dial. We’ve split up Chains and Eccentric into a new “Weight Modes” category, and you’ll find Spotter and Burnout in the “Assistance” category. Want a refresher on Tonal’s dynamic weight modes? Read more.

Mid-set pause improvements: You can now pause mid-set and have all your reps count towards your workout summary. Feel free to pause, change weight, turn the weight off without fear of your reps not being counted.

Filter by arm position and trainer accessory when building Custom Workouts. Want to learn how to build a custom workout? Read more.

More dynamic weight mode options in Custom Workouts: Get creative with your Custom Workouts. You can now add assistance modes such as Burnout and Spotter, alongside weight modes like Eccentric and Chains to your Custom Workouts.

Partner Workout Summary for Yoga: Your Tonal yoga partner will no longer feel left out at the end of a workout with the new partner workout summary on your trainer.


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