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Tonal Workouts and Programs to Channel Your Inner Athlete

a woman using a tonal exercise machine to work out

Whether you’re a full-time athlete or someone who enjoys sports recreationally, you can train like a pro with Tonal. From beginner to advanced, we’ve got hundreds of workouts and programs that will help you level up your game. Here are some of our favorite workouts and programs to channel your inner athlete! 

Build up athletic strength

Athletic Barre with Coach Gabby: This barre workout focuses on strength and cardio. Coach Gabby will help you develop greater body awareness, along with flexibility, agility, balance, and posture. Fancy up your footwork as you build leg and core strength for Tonal.

Athletic Pilates with Coach Jeni: This Pilates workout combines with other bodyweight exercises to superset key muscles. Lengthen and tone your muscles and feel the burn.  

Athletic Abs with Coach Paul: Train your core like a pro. Coach Paul will help you work your muscles in different planes of motion, mixing in static exercises for strength, power, and speed. Gain a better understanding of your body and how your core keeps you in the game.

Stretch and Strengthen with Coach Frances: Ease into this short, dynamic flow with Coach Frances. You’ll start with stretches, work up to a core-powering plank series, and finish with a warrior two series to lengthen and strengthen the body. Perfect as a quick practice on busy days. 

For runners

In the Running with Coach Liz: What powers the world’s fastest runners? Muscle strength. In this workout, you’ll train your core for increased speed, developing hip and core stability. Prepare for your next race with the strength to win. 

Running Strong with Coach Liz: Strength is power. In this workout, runners will train the muscles that help them move faster and perform better. Strengthen glutes, stabilize your core, and gain the momentum you need to finish first. 

Running Recovery with Coach Liz: This active recovery workout keeps runners moving on their “off” days. Help your muscles bounce back from hard runs, increase circulation, and get things moving again as you train for your race. 

For golfers

Above Par with Coach Paul: Tee up with Coach Paul and improve your golf game by strengthening the movements you need on the links. Prep the body to maximize your range of motion and develop more dynamic power. Let Tonal help you become a better athlete. 

For swimmers

Swim to Success with Coach Natalie: Dive into this workout and build the strength you need as a swimmer. Coach Natalie will help you train key muscles in your upper body that translate to better form and more powerful strokes. Level up in your sport and enjoy faster finish times. 

For cyclists

Core Strength for Cycling with Coach Liz: Cycling works more than just your legs. Build an invincible core that can power your rides and withstand heavy climbs. This workout integrates your entire body with an emphasis on the muscles cyclists use most. 

Ultimate Cycling Legs with Coach Liz: Get ready for the ride. Climb those hills with confidence and get better at something you enjoy. Coach Liz will share her method for becoming a stronger, more controlled cyclist. 


Alongside a library of guided workouts, Tonal also offers coach-led programs that last several weeks and consist of three to four workouts per week.

Good to Great with Coach Paul: Looking for a way to break through and take your training to the next level? This program with Coach Paul ramps up the intensity, with movements that vary in the second half. Find your inner athlete and level up your game. 

Triathlon Power with Coach Mark: Join six-time Ironman champion Mark Allen for an in-season strength and power program. Using compound movements with lower rep ranges and heavy weights, you’ll generate the power you need to succeed in your sport.

Triathlon Endurance with Coach Mark: Supplement your triathlon training by building an aerobic base through muscular endurance. Coach Mark will help you work on strength, stability, and core work.  

Better Bike and Treadmill with Coach Nicolette: Accelerate your Peloton performance and conquer your cardio. Designed to be done before a Peloton workout, this program activates the muscles used in running and cycling. Make Tonal your secret weapon for Peloton success. 

5K Strong with Coach Liz: Get the edge you need to run faster and beat your personal record. In this program, you’ll train important muscles for powering your gait and improving core stability. Incorporate Tonal into your running program for winning results.

Watts Up with Coach Liz: Increase your cycling speed when you take this program for a spin. Each movement is designed to train muscles used in specific biking motions. Coach Liz will share her tips for becoming a stronger cyclist.