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The New and Improved Strength Score

It’s our mission to help you grow stronger and reach your fitness goals. That’s why we’ve been developing a new and improved Strength Score to help you track your progress along the way. 

Our updated Strength Score now displays your progress over time, with an improved scale that’s easier to understand. And it will be live in your mobile app within the next twenty-four hours! Make sure to update your mobile app to the newest version to view your updated Strength Score.

Understanding Strength Score

Strength Score provides a way to tell how strong you are compared to the overall Tonal community, and track your progress as you get closer to your fitness goals. 

In order to better represent your strength, the new Strength Score uses data from your workouts over a longer period of time so that your score is less dependent on recent performance, and more representative of what you’re capable of on your best day. We use that data to form a score for each body region (upper body, lower body, and core) and overall average based on your strength over time. 

The new Strength Score has an updated scale with a minimum of 0, and 1000 considered as excellent. The average score for all men using Tonal is between 300-550 and average score for all women using Tonal is between 150-275. Your historical scores will update to reflect this new scale. 

Using Strength Score to see your growth

Now you can view a graph that displays your Strength Score over time,  giving you a complete picture of your progress for your overall score, upper body, lower body, and core. This graph will be available in your mobile app in the next twenty-four hours and will be coming to your trainer soon. Hot tip: drag the bar across the graph to see your Strength Score on individual days!

Your Strength Score can change in the following ways:

  • The score goes up if you lift a higher weight or more reps than your previous PR
  • The score goes down if your previous PR for a move was over 6 months ago
  • It can increase or decrease when you do a move for the first time
  • It may increase or decrease if you reset your starting weights

Where do I find my Strength Score?

Find your Strength Score in the Tonal mobile app by tapping on your Profile in the upper left corner and then scrolling down. Tap on any of the scores to access Strength Score Over Time. Don’t have the app yet? Download it on iOS and Android

Strength comes in many forms, and our new and improved Strength Score is just one way to measure it. We look forward to equipping you with even more tools for measuring your progress as you get closer to your fitness goals with Tonal.