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Sync your Tonal Workouts to Strava

It’s time to start showing off your strength training routine! You can now automatically sync your Tonal workouts to Strava. 

Many of you asked for this integration and we’re so excited for you to be able to share your Tonal workouts with your community on Strava. If you haven’t heard of it before — Strava is the social network for athletes and their mobile app and website connect millions of active people through the sports they love. 

With Strava, you can record your activities and save them to your feed. Your friends and followers can share their own workouts, give kudos to great performances, and leave comments on each other’s activities.

Want to get started on Strava? Sign up here

Show off your Tonal fitness routine

Many of you already use Strava to record and share activities like runs or bike rides. Now your friends on Strava will finally see how you’re getting so strong. Our integration automatically uploads all the details from your Tonal workouts to Strava, where you can view them alongside your other activities. Strava friends can view, comment, and give kudos on your strength training progress. 

Set it up in seconds

Getting set up with our Strava integration is quick and easy. Just head to Settings in your Tonal mobile app and select “connect” next to Strava or read these detailed setup instructions.

Don’t have the Tonal app yet? You can download it for iOS or Android and start sharing your Tonal workouts on Strava today. 

Enter the “Be Your Strongest” Strava Challenge

Tonal is also sponsoring a strength training challenge on Strava during the month of October, and the winner will take home their very own Tonal. Anyone can join the challenge, whether you own a Tonal or not. To participate, join the Be Your Strongest by Tonal challenge on Strava, and complete at least 2 weight training, workout, or crossfit activities per week for the month of October. Learn more.