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Product News Check Out Your Workout Summary on Tonal

Check out your Workout Summary on Tonal

Where You’ll See Your Workout Summary

Every time you finish a workout, we’ll show you your workout summary after both guided and freelift workouts.

Let’s Unpack All the Numbers in Your Workout Summary

Workout Duration: This is how long it took you to complete the workout.

What time under tension means in your Tonal workout summaryTime Under Tension: The amount of time you are actually lifting weight throughout your workout. Tonal is the only workout system in existence that can track this. We know when you’re pulling the cables in and out, so this allows us to know the exact amount of time you’re working your muscles.

What Rep Goals means in your Tonal workout summaryRep Goals: If you’re in a guided workout with rep targets that the coaches ask you to hit, you’ll see what percentage of the rep goal you hit. If you’re in freelift, we show the number of total reps you did.

What your Volume means on your Tonal workout summaryVolume: The total pounds you’ve lifted across all workouts for that day. This is calculated by multiplying the number of reps for each move by the weight at which you did each rep. We then add these numbers together to get your daily workout volume.

You'll see a breakdown of each movement in your Tonal Workout Summary.Moves: If you open up the moves tab, we’ll show you a breakdown of all the movements you did during the workout. For every move we show you the total volume of that move, the number of reps in each set, and the weight you lifted during each set. We also show indicators where we suggested increasing or decreasing your weight. For moves off Tonal, we show the duration.

What This New Feature Means For You

Track your performance over the course of each week and see how you’ve gotten stronger from Monday to Sunday. You’ll be able to better understand your peak training days and the days where you need to give your body a rest. See how you measure up to your personal goals for rep goals and weight goals every week.

Tonal has been tracking your workouts from the beginning, and now we can share that information with you.

While you can only see the workout summary page after you complete a workout, your ability to see all of your historical workouts in one place is coming very soon. We’re actively working on this, so stay tuned for more news! In the meantime, go do a workout and tell us what you think!