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Product News Movement Demos in Free Lift Are Here, Plus Other New Features

Tonal product news: movement demos in Free Lift

Take Control of Your Strength Training Routine

Strength training in Free Lift mode just got even better. Now, when you select an exercise in the movement picker, you have the option to watch a demo video. Demo videos will give you visual guidance and show you pacing for each movement. You’ll also be able to see proper form and the correct placement of Tonal’s arms for every move.

If you’d like a reminder of proper form the entire time you’re lifting, the demo video will play the whole time you’re lifting. Just toggle from ROM (Range of Motion), POWER, and DEMO by tapping the word at the bottom of the screen.

Find New Workouts in a Flash

If you want to try a new routine to change things up, you’ll be able to find fresh workouts in their own row on the home screen. Check out Total Core from Coach Liz, Lower Body Reboot from Coach Nicolette, or How Paul Toned his Tummy with Coach Paul.

Also, we’ve improved battery settings to ensure you’re never left empty during a workout.

New Tonal Mobile App Features: 1-rep max

New Features in Our Mobile App

Have you downloaded the Tonal Mobile App yet? Get Tonal on mobile for iOS or Android to see your stats, celebrate your success, and keep yourself on track on your fitness journey. We just released new features that make our mobile app even better.

  • Now you can set your experience level within the app to improve your program and workout recommendations. And, when you’re scrolling through recommended programs to find the perfect one, you can tap in to see the details—movements, blocks, muscle groups—for each workout in that program.
  • Check out your profile to see the total number of programs you’ve completed and the total number of movements you’ve done. Can you do them all?.
  • On the Activity page, play around with the 1-rep max chart—it’s now interactive! Look at the progression of your 1-rep max and see how much your strength has grown over time.