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Coaches Meet Coach Bianca Buresh

We asked. She answered. Get to know Bianca in her own words.



Where did you grow up and how did you get into fitness?

I grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada. I lived on a farm and always loved being active and being outdoors. My dad would always work out – I watched him daily and it inspired me at an early age to move my body and be healthy.

What is your coaching style?

I’m tough and I will push you past where you think you can go, but I always have a smile on my face and I do it in a positive, confident way!

What are your favorite movements on Tonal?

My favorite movements are when you work and train multiple muscle groups at the same time. I want to maximize people’s time, get in, get it down and finish feeling super strong and accomplished.

What is your favorite pre or post workout snack?

My pre workout snack is oatmeal and berries with hemp seeds, flax seeds, and little almond milk. Post workout is 3 scrambled eggs, half an avocado, and apple slices with a teaspoon of almond butter.

Tell us a client success story that inspires you.

Watching my Mom clients transform their bodies after having their children. To see them regain their confidence and start to feel sexy again is everything to me!!! It makes me so proud and love my job that much more!

What is your favorite quote?