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Introducing: Tonal High Intensity

Strength comes in many forms. That’s why we’re always looking for different ways to help you be your best. Say hello to Tonal High Intensity, a new style of fast-paced workouts designed to burn calories and make you sweat. It’s like nothing else you’ve seen on Tonal and it’s coming to your trainer soon! 

We’re releasing this as a Beta series, which means we’re looking for feedback from the Tonal community to improve future High Intensity workouts. Your feedback is important to us and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Meet Your Coaches: Gabby and Jared

We’re excited to announce that two coaches have joined our team for Tonal High Intensity. Coach Gabby is based in L.A. She transitioned to fitness after a successful career as a professional dancer and is certified in everything from barre to boxing. She says that Tonal High Intensity is “an upbeat, high energy class that is over before you know it!” You’ll see Gabby’s workouts on your Tonal starting next week.

Coach Jared is a 15-year veteran of the fitness industry who owns an outdoor bootcamp company in Santa Monica, California. His training style creates “a connectable and ‘championship mindset’ vibe in any room.” You’ll see Jared’s workouts on your Tonal starting this week.

Follow Jared on Instagram at @jaredrodriguez__ and Gabby on Instagram at @gabbysansosti

Mix up your Tonal routine

Take a break from your current program to sweat it out for a day. Our new High Intensity workouts are designed for weight-loss with fast-paced training routines in an energetic class-style setting. You’ll get all the benefits of strength training combined with a calorie-burning workout. It’s a whole new way to challenge yourself and reach your goals.

Just head to your trainer and look for the High Intensity section with new workouts added every week this month. It’s one more way to Be Your Strongest on Tonal!