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Halloween Family Fun With Tonal

Celebrate Halloween with the kids with Tonal’s latest Family Fitness workouts.

  • Want a unique and creative way to celebrate Halloween as a family this year? Check out Tonal’s latest Family Fitness workouts: Trick-or-Treat and Monster Attack.
  • These workouts are a fun and safe way to celebrate Halloween from the comfort of your home.
  • Tonal’s Halloween workouts are appropriate for all ages and any fitness level — great for little kids, grown-up kids, and those who are kids at heart!

Parents, Tonal has a treat in store for you! We know that Halloween is looking a little different this year and parents are looking for ways to keep the kids entertained. This is why we’ve added two new and frightfully fun Halloween-themed workouts to Family Fitness to get the whole family moving together. 

  • Trick-or-Treat (Coach Pablo) — Get your small candy crushers into the spirit for Halloween with this lively workout.  
  • Monster Attack (Coach Pablo) — Little athletes will feel ready to take on ghosts, ghouls, and witches in this fun-sized workout that packs a punch.

Kids love this holiday, and while trick-or-treating is a festivity they look forward to — it’s also about coming together as a family and making some memories. Coach Pablo’s spooky Trick-or-Treat and Monster Attack workouts are a safe and special way to enjoy Halloween together. You’ll find these themed workouts on your trainer with other Family Fitness workouts. 

Tonal’s Family Fitness workouts are a great way to move together, build strong bonds, and indulge in a little imagination. Kids — and grown-ups — get to play-act as their favorite animals, become superheroes, and this Halloween, take on their favorite scary characters. 

If you’re looking for more Family Fitness workouts fit for a Halloween celebration at home, try the following:

  • Kids’ Camp: Animal Kingdom (Coach Paul)
  • Kids’ Camp: Animal Explorers (Coach Paul) — Why not plan a trick-or-treat treasure hunt for after the workout? Hide some wrapped up candies around the house for your little explorers to find.  
  • Animal Adventure (Coach Allison) — Dress up like your favorite animals and learn how to move like them. Rawr!  

Tips for Celebrating Halloween with Tonal and Coach Pablo

Get the kids even more excited for Coach Pablo’s Halloween-themed workouts by adding these celebratory additions:

  • Set the scene! Get the kids involved and put up Halloween decorations in the space where you’ll be working out. Just make sure your haunted decor won’t get in the way! 
  • Get the whole family dressed up in fun costumes that are easy to move around in.
  • Have a little family trick-or-treat party after your workout and refuel with Halloween-themed food: think cookies in the shape of ghosts and cats, pumpkin-based recipes, and if you want to go all-out — make blood-red-berry smoothies and drink them in festive tumblers.

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