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Product News Give Dad Tonal and Get Powerbeats Pro Earphones from Beats by Dre

  • Take advantage of our exclusive Father’s Day offer. Buy a Tonal between May 27 and June 20 for Dad, and he will also receive a pair of wireless Powerbeats Pro earphones from Beats by Dre. 
  • Order by June 13 to get the Powerbeats Pro earphones in time for Father’s Day. 
  • Both sweat and water-resistant, Powerbeats Pro earphones are tailor-made for movement and getting in the zone. 
  • To celebrate fatherhood, we asked dads from our community to share the ways Tonal has helped them feel stronger. 

Looking for a meaningful gift for dad? Don’t miss out on our Father’s Day offer. Purchase a Tonal between May 28 and June 20, and we’ll send you a pair of wireless Powerbeats Pro earphones (valued at $249). Order by June 13 (11:59 pm PT) to get the Powerbeats Pro earphones in time for Father’s Day.* 

Both sweat and water-resistant, Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones are the perfect accompaniment to Tonal. They were built to revolutionize workouts. The adjustable, secure-fit ear hooks are customizable for extended comfort and stability.  

It’s not easy for busy parents to make time for themselves, so why not make it that much easier for dad to check movement and wellness off his to-do list? Tonal makes working out at home a seamless experience. Our digital weight and intelligence takes the guesswork out of fitness and strength training. It’s perfect for fathers who want to feel their strongest. 

Gift dad the best at-home workout experience possible. 

Fatherhood powered by Tonal

We asked community members how Tonal has made them feel stronger as fathers. Here are a handful of reasons dads love working out with us! 

  • John Rodnick: The best part is having the energy to play with all three of my girls. Tonal has also taught them a healthy habit — they work out with me, and they love it.
  • Joe Wetterhahn: Home, family, and health — words that are linked in the hearts and minds of most dads! Bringing Tonal into our home felt like an extension of those ideas: No more leaving home for the gym and becoming the healthiest dad possible for my family.
  • Paddy O’Furniture: It’s a bonding activity. The kids used to lay around and play video games while I worked out in the gym. Now they are all over me about being a part of Tonal. My six-year-old daughter gets so excited for Coach Gabby and Coach Pablo’s boxing sessions. We now share interests that strengthen bonds and lead to a healthier lifestyle. The best part is, they are building habits they will carry throughout life.
  • Jonathan Willms: It definitely makes carrying our little kids a lot easier! When I work out on Tonal a little later in the day, they play in the room, so it’s good family time. They also get to see my hard work and commitment to something first-hand. 
  • Jeff Huang: I never used to do leg workouts at the gym, but they’re baked into the programs with Tonal. I’ve noticed all the squatting has made carrying my three-year-old daughter way easier — she likes to pretend to do the workouts with me. I no longer have knee pain which has made my life so much better. 
  • Luke McCage: When my three young children see me waking up early and intensely sweating during a Tonal workout, they constantly ask: Why are you getting stronger today? I’m quick to remark that success is doing your best. Whether that’s for your mind, body, or spirit — doing your best is a daily habit that leads towards a successful and content life. Tonal has helped me embody that and lead by example for my children. Now, they often say: Dad, I did my best today like you, are you proud? It’s been a great joy in life to see their mindset shift towards daily growth. 

Strength for the whole family 

From strength training and cardio to yoga, Pilates and Family Fitness, Tonal has thousands of workouts led by expert coaches. The best part is one membership will give you unlimited accounts for the whole family. 

*While supplies last. Limited to new purchases only. No adjustments to past purchases. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Powerbeats Pro from Beats by Dre ships within seven business days of purchase to the same shipping address provided for Tonal delivery.