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Read Between the Reps August Tonal Book Club Pick: Hooked

At Tonal, we believe in strengthening our mind, body, and soul. Our monthly book club has been going strong now for several months! Read Between the Reps is all about coming together as a community and lifting each other with the power of words. 

Every month, we read a book that helps us build mental strength and find success with Tonal and other areas of our life. After all, working out our minds is just as important as working out our bodies. For August, we’ll be reading Hooked: Food, Free Will, and How the Food Giants Exploit Our Addictions by Michael Moss, a book that investigates food giants and the appetite for processed foods.

You don’t want to miss August’s Read Between the Reps because the author will be taking part in our Zoom discussion at the end of the month.

Join Read Between the Reps in August: 

  • Participate in our monthly book club by getting a copy of Hooked.
  • Look out for the weekly book club check-in threads on Mondays in the Official Tonal Community
  • Take part in the book club Zoom discussion on August 26, 2021, at 5:00 pm PT. We will share a link to the event in the Official Tonal Community.

About the book:

  • Using the latest research on addiction, Hooked explores whether our bodies continue to crave certain processed foods because food industry giants know about our vulnerabilities and how to exploit them. Hooked sets out to learn whether certain foods are made to be more addictive.

About the author:

  • Michael Moss is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter and author. His first book, Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, became a New York Times bestseller.

Why we chose this book: 

The Official Tonal Community selected Hooked as our Read Between the Reps book for August. As a community, we’re looking forward to learning more about what we eat (or think we’re eating) and understanding whether the food industry giants play on our palates to turn our cravings into stronger addictions. 

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