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10 Ways Tonal Made You Stronger in 2020

This year, strengthening our minds and bodies took on a whole new meaning. To support you at home, we pumped out plenty of features, from game-changing ways to lift weight to little details like being able to play your fave Apple Music tracks on Tonal. Now we’re taking a look back and celebrating ten ways Tonal helped you get stronger in 2020.

1. Smart Flex 

One of the most exciting Tonal releases of 2020 was our revolutionary Smart Flex technology, which helps you get stronger, faster by lifting in a way that isn’t possible with dumbbells or traditional weights. Smart Flex dynamically adjusts weight, right down to the millisecond, for the most effective rep every time — a completely new technique in variable resistance training.

When training with dumbbells and traditional static weights, the amount of resistance you can lift for each move is limited by the points where your muscles are weakest, but Tonal knows when your body is naturally stronger in a rep. Smart Flex intelligently matches your strength by continuously adding or subtracting weight. As a result, you’re lifting more weight, pushing your muscles harder, and getting stronger, faster. Read more.

“Back in the pre-Tonal days, I manipulated the tempo on dumbbells and (to a lesser degree) resistance bands, but never experienced this level of muscle engagement in my arms. Loving this Smart Flex technology! Looking forward to more gains.”

Tony SC

2. Form Feedback

Good technique is crucial for getting stronger, and Form Feedback makes it possible for you to get detailed notes on your strength training technique. Standing in the right spot, dropping down low enough, or extending to your full capacity are just a few examples of how Form Feedback helps you understand how you can get better at lifting. What’s even more exciting is that we’re going to expand on the kind of guidance we can offer soon. Read more.  

3. More workout content  

Being able to break away from our routines to move our bodies and stay inspired was essential for 2020, and together, we found more than one way to do it. 

  • Family Fitness: This year showed us that superheroes wear many different hats, especially parents. Family Fitness is Tonal’s fun-sized way to help you keep the kids active, moving, and entertained. Build strong bonds while you indulge in a little imagination. 
  • Pre and Postnatal Workouts: We’re always brainstorming new ways to make fitness accessible. Our Prenatal workouts take the guesswork out of training safely during pregnancy, and Postnatal workouts help get new mamas moving again. 
  • Meditation: Mindfulness can help to calm the mind and decrease stress. This year may be coming to an end, but making sure we practice exercises to get mind-body strong and boost positivity has never been more important. Tonal’s Meditation sessions are great for all days of the week. 
  • Pilates: Tonal is about unleashing your strongest self, and Pilates is an incredible way to build strength without lifting heavy. If you want long and lean muscles, improved flexibility and posture, and killer core strength, throw some more Pilates into the mix for 2021.
  • Bootcamp: If you love a challenging, bodyweight-only series that builds strength, power, and endurance, Bootcamp is probably one of your favorite Tonal workouts from this year.
  • Kickboxing: To pack a punch in 2020, we also upped our workout game on Tonal with Kickboxing. Jab your way to better cardio and strength while burning calories and building coordination and confidence. 
  • Barre: Tonal’s Barre workouts are the perfect way to strengthen and tone and get a serious booty burn. 
  • Dance Cardio: Nothing beats the joy of dancing your heart out in your living room, which is why we partnered with 305 Fitness to bring you Dance Cardio. If you haven’t had a chance to throw some shapes around your coffee table yet, what are you waiting for? This is one of our most enjoyable workouts from 2020. 

“Tonal has changed my life. For 24 straight days, I’ve used some aspect of Tonal, whether it’s weight training, recovery, yoga, or meditation. What’s cool is Tonal has become more than a home gym; it’s become an integral part of my daily wellness. I can’t go a day without incorporating Tonal into what I do, and I’m better for it.”

Robert M

4. Achievements, Badges, and Leaderboard

When you’re training, being able to track your progress with moments of recognition can make all the difference. Tonal’s Achievements, Badges, and Leaderboard show how far you’ve come and inspire you to get stronger. 

  • Milestones: Mark key moments in your fitness journey by celebrating milestones — like hitting the 50,000lbs or 50th workout.
  • Badges: Collect badges for workouts on special occasions like your birthday and the first time you try a new workout. Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all this year; 2021 is on its way! Read more.
  • Leaderboard: There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to give you that extra boost or motivation. Tonal’s Leaderboard is a way to celebrate your success and push yourself in 2021. The stronger you get, the higher up you go. Read more.

“At 51, I am in the best shape of my life and work out every day. I don’t expect to get any higher or even maintain this spot but I was almost unreasonably excited to be in the top 0.5% of the leaderboard. I love Tonal.”

Tony B

5. Virtual Group Workouts

We all miss the energy of working out together for that extra boost of fun and motivation. Our Virtual Group Workouts are a safe way to join your friends in the same workout, at the same time, and see each other’s progress, all from the comfort of home. Cheer each other as you go with virtual high fives, and discover how strong you are together with a recap of total pounds lifted at the end of each workout. Read more.

6. Tony Horton

In 2020, we were joined by amazing new coaches like fitness expert Tony Horton. Coach Tony’s fitness philosophy is to use exercise and movement as a way to improve quality of life as well as mental and emotional wellbeing. You can now experience his unique training style alongside Tonal’s revolutionary technology and digital weight. His workout series is part of a brand new Tonal workout format called Live (Beta), where your coach works out with you — just like in a live class! Read more.

“Tonal is revolutionary because there truly is nothing else like it. It’s forty pieces of equipment in one. The programs, trainers, and versatility of this aesthetically beautiful piece of equipment can’t be matched.”

Tony Horton

7. More music 

Music is so important while working out, and nothing gets you in the zone like your go-to song. We added all kinds of genres this year to Tonal’s much-loved radio stations: Top 40, 2000s pop, country, techno, or ambient music, making it a total of 14 different stations to choose from. To cap it off, we also made it possible to listen to your Apple Music library on Tonal too. Read more. 

8. Heart rate tracking

Monitoring your heart during a workout is one of the best ways to understand how to challenge yourself better. No wonder this was one of our highly-requested integrations. In 2020, we made it possible to track your heart rate with Apple Watch or any Bluetooth heart rate monitor on Tonal.

Seeing this metric in real-time is a game-changer, and if you haven’t been able to use this feature yet or don’t have a heart rate monitor, it’s time to drop some hints to loved ones that need gift inspiration. Read more. 

Apple Watch users can also add and subtract weight, turn weight on and off, or pause and play workouts. Your watch will even notify you with vibrations when you reach the last few reps or seconds of a set. 

9. Movement Replacements

Another one of the most requested features from the Tonal Community has been Movement Replacements. Sometimes during a workout, certain moves don’t always feel right — you may be in recovery, exercising with an injury, or your body simply needs an alternative option. You asked for it, and we delivered. Movement Replacements allow you to adapt moves within a workout, accommodating your body’s needs, helping you lift with more confidence. Read more.

10. Tonal Gear Shop

Earlier this year, we went live with a fresh collection of Tonal apparel, accessories, and drinkware. Along with all-important items like T-locks and goodies like water bottles and tanks and tees. We also dropped the Tonal Accessories Shelf, which sold out almost immediately, but it’s back in stock now. If you’re looking for some holiday gift ideas for the Tonal enthusiast in your life, check out our Gear Shop. 

“Tonal has continuously offered inclusive content for people in larger bodies, but without even having to broach the subject, Tonal released plus-size apparel in their Gear Shop for people like me! Most fitness apparel does not cater to larger bodies, and their clothing stops at size XL. Shout out to Tonal for making it a priority to include people who are normally left feeling like they do not belong in the fitness world.”

Richelle M

We’re getting ready to make next year our strongest yet, and there’s going to be a lot more coming to Tonal, so here’s to 2021!